$399 Dental Implants

Dental implants have become largely recognized as the finest alternative for replacing missing teeth in recent years. They have not only outperformed dentures and bridges in terms of practicality and quality, but they are also more cheap and appealing. Today, I’d want to discuss and respond to a query about dental facilities that advertise  for “just $399 dental implants.” It’s been on my mind for a while, and I believe that people need to know the truth about how much dental implants will cost them after all the hidden costs.

A patient who came in for a free consultation a few weeks ago inquired about $399 implants. At first, I was taken aback. They wanted to know if the dental implants were really available for $399.

Can You Really Get $399 Dental Implants?

That thought stayed with me the remainder of the day. Everywhere billboard that turned to a $399 implant advertisement. That’s crazy! It’s impossible that these other dentists are only charging $399 for dental implants. The following facts will shed some light on what I’ve discovered. Do you think that’s surprising? We’d think that if a dentist spends thousands of dollars on a billboard or a 30-second radio commercial, they’d at least be honest about their product.

There is no such thing as a dental implant that costs $399. Only the implant post, which is threaded into your jawbone and acts as the tooth’s root, is advertised by these dentists. Often, the quality of these low-cost dental implants is inferior to that of other dentists.

The missing abutment, crown, X-rays, and lab expenses that come with paying for a dental implant are not included in their prices. When we called their office and pretended to be a client, they were hesitant to tell us that the final amount would be considerably above $1,500. Why do they have to rely on deceptive advertising, bait-and-switch tactics, and wordplay to make money?

Why Does $399 Dental Implants Don’t Work?

Unless you are a dentist or are well-versed in the subject, you are unlikely to know much about dental implants. False commercials for $399 implants are merely trying to entice you into their clinic by playing on your emotions. These dentists make you believe that you require their services more than they require your services, but if that were true, why would they spend thousands of dollars to entice you into their offices?

When looking for a Dental Implant, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Why are dental implants supplied at such a low cost?
  • Are the crown and abutment included in the price?
  • Is the dentist skilled in the placement of dental implants?

These are the types of inquiries that should be simple to respond to. If you’re not sure, consult your dentist. If they can’t answer your questions honestly or in a timely manner, you should choose another dental implant specialist.

It’s advisable to disregard an advertisement for $399 implants the next time you see one. The entire advertisement is a ruse designed to entice you in and force you to pay a high fee. While this is true, high-quality treatment and low-cost dental implants are available. There are ways to acquire dental implant procedures that are both economical and effective. Be informed, get your questions answered, and smile about the money and time you’ll save when you get your dental implant.

What Affects Dental Implants Costs?

Dental implants are an expensive way to replace your natural teeth, yet they are typically an efficient therapy with numerous advantages. Your budget and your dentist’s advise are both important factors to consider while choosing this operation. We’re here to make the process a little easier by providing an overview of prospective costs and payment options.

The cost of an implant is likely to vary depending on many major factors:

  • Your current location
  • Materials that were used
  • The expertise of your dental professional
  • The reason you require dental implants
  • The total amount of implants you’ll need
  • Treatments that are required as a precondition

Finally, it’s critical to discuss your out-of-pocket costs with your dental professional after your treatment is completed.

Insurance Coverage For Implants

If you’re thinking about getting an implant, check with your insurance company to see what they will pay. Many insurance companies consider implants to be a cosmetic operation and will only pay the implant crown component of the procedure.

According to the Academy of Implant Dentistry, insurance companies are beginning to see the benefits of implant dentistry. In compared to alternative therapy methods, they perceive the long-term patient benefits. If your dentist or surgeon believes the lack of implants is affecting your general health, another option is to use your medical health insurance. When it comes to insurance, it’s a good idea to look before you leap. Before you have anything done, find out what they’ll cover so there are no surprises!

Dental Discount

Similar to how insurance works, joining a dental discount plan can help you save money on implants. Before you sign up for a plan, do some research on it. It’s a good idea to double-check that the plan you’re choosing includes an implant discount. Check to see if there is a time limit before you can enjoy the discount. Most crucial, double-check that your dentist accepts the discount plan you’re considering, or ask for their recommendations on the ones they do.

You’re in luck if your employer offers a flexible spending account. It’s a special account that allows you to save money without paying taxes. Money set aside for out-of-pocket health care bills, including dentistry, must be used. You can pay for your dental work with assets from your account. If the total cost of an implant and crown exceeds your yearly budget, you can schedule the implant portion of your treatment for the end of the year and the crown placement for the beginning of the year. You’ll be able to use funds from two years of your pretax spending account this way!

Dental implants are a costly, but often essential, operation that improves your aesthetics, speech, and chewing ability. Fortunately, there are a variety of cost-cutting choices available, ranging from insurance to flexible spending accounts. If you’re on the verge of having an implant, you’ve done an excellent job of researching the best ways to pay for one.

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